Organic Fertilizer

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  1. Plain / Raw Bentonite

    It is Non hazardous and natural friendly filler. Color: Bluish Gray
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  2. Bhoodhan Deluxe

    As natural lime is in ample proportion it reduces acidity from Soil, improves the land, and makes it so.
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  3. Roasted Bentonite Granules

    These are roasted granules roasted at 700*C temperature. These granules made from selected high quality bentonite clay containing high amount mainly AL2o3 and Si02.
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  4. Round Bentonite

    These are Granules made from selected pure stone free Bentonite clay. They are wildly used as carrier in formulation of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, Bio-Pesticides, Plant Growth Promoter and Bio-Fertilizer.
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  5. VICTOR GREEN Fermented Organic Manure

    Main Content : organic. N.P.K. + Helping Content (Zinc Copper Magnesium Sulfur Boron)
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  6. APM Grow Soil Conditioner

    Useful for every farming products and no need to use other basic fertilizer once the APM GROW.
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  7. Apm Grow 25 Kg. (Soil Conditioner)

    Very essential in vegetations growth and best in natural elements is pure wormy wash which is in APM Grow fertilizer.
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